Cole Sisters Class Act on and off the Field

Twin sisters Maggie and Meghan Cole not only look alike but have more than just a few like interest. One of those is their love for field hockey and capability to succeed at it.  Maggie is older than Meghan by a day (Meghan was born after midnight), but both got involved with field hockey the same time, in 7th grade. Their friend  Sarah Mesko’s sister played for the Washtenaw Whippets (now Chelsea Field hockey) and they were in need of players so both girls  thought they’d give it a shot. It turns out both had a knack for it and they enjoyed it.

Maggie plays mainly center forward but has been playing center mid this season because Meghan hurt her ACL playing soccer and had to have surgery to have it repaired.

“It’s really strange playing without Meghan,” Maggie said. “When I play with Meghan we know exactly where the other one is and going to cut, or where we are going to pass the ball. I can’t wait until she gets back on the field with me. I guess it’s a twin thing.”

Meghan has had to miss her whole senior season because an ACL surgery of her magnitude usually takes 6-12 months to heal.

“Finding out I’d miss my senior year was devastating,” Meghan stated. “I’m very grateful though that I’m able to be on the sidelines to support my teammates. Not playing gives me a new perspective of  the game. I’m seeing things I’ve never noticed before and that will help me with my game when I am able to play again.”

Meghan hopes to be able to be ready to play basketball with her sister this winter on the Chelsea varsity team. That is a major goal she has set for herself. And in the Spring both girls will train with their travel field hockey team to help get ready for their fall admission to Michigan State University where they will begin their college field hockey careers. Both girls were heavily recruited by many Division 1 colleges. The girls say, “They would come to our tournaments  and reach out to the coaches.” Both girls visited several schools but in the end it was an easy decision.

“I didn’t want to be anymore than 5 hours away from home,” Maggie states. “That narrowed down my choices of Universities. But MSU was my best option because of it’s proximity to home, beautiful campus, they offered my major, and I absolutely love the coaches!”

“Ever since the first time I visited the MSU campus I was in love with the place,” Meghan said. “It was a very easy decision to me. I have always wanted to be a Spartan. ”

Both girls have been heavily rewarded with awards including USFHA Futures National Championships, Junior Olympics, All State MVP, First team All State, leading scorer, and team MVP awards, and much more. The list of each girls awards is almost endless. And of course they have received their varsity letters in High School since the 7th grade!

There have been many big moments in each girls illustrious careers. Maggie’s biggest moment she remembers most is in 2014, when playing Ann Arbor Skyline, their team was down 1-0 with less than 5 minutes to play and on back to back corners she scored two goals on a give and go, both assisted by her sister Meghan, to win the game. It’s no surprise at all that was Meghan’s most memorable moment also.

The girls also share their most saddest moment when they lost in 2013 to Ann Arbor Huron, the then defending state champs, in the state semi finals. It was pouring rain and they went into overtime playing 7 on 7, and with less than two minutes left Huron scored the winning goal, knocking their team out of the playoffs.

Both girls give their coaches, teammates, and parents a lot of credit for making them what they are today. They are both very humble in all their achievements.

I’m extremely excited for MSU, ” says Maggie. “If I could I would go right now. But I am also nervous, because of the transition from high school to a higher level of play. My goal is to major in criminal justice but that may change. My major goal though at college is to become an All American Field Hockey player and I believe and know that if I work hard I can achieve this goal.” As they enter the next phase of their young lives in the Fall of 2016 as MSU students, they are both sad to leave Chelsea behind but excited for the adventures that lie ahead of them

Meghan says that she too is “very excited for college but slightly intimidated because it will be tougher competition joining a Big Ten Conference team.” Her original plan was to go into criminal justice but after her ACL injury and going to countless physical therapy appointments, she has decided to study Exercise Science to become a physical therapist.

Both girls agree that they will not be rooming together in college. Although they are very close and like best friends, they both say they can be their worst enemies also.

Both girls spend most of their spare time working and doing homework. They are both in the National Honor Society and have really high grade point averages. They both also have jobs but when they do get spare time they like to spend it hanging with their friends, going to movies, and playing Chelsea varsity basketball and soccer.

But there is still plenty of field hockey left as Chelsea Field Hockey made history this season. They won the Division one Regular Season Championship. They will be playing their way towards a championship hopefully and both girls and their teammates are excited to be a part of that.

Maggie Cole(Laura Naar)

Meghan Cole(Laura Naar)

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