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Chelsea’s Unsung Heroes Up front

DSC_0618Chelsea head coach Brad Bush with his offensive line

They are often overlooked when it comes to interviews. Many photographers don’t focus on them. You will rarely hear their name mentioned over the speaker system or hear it mentioned in conversation. And that’s just the way they like it. They accept it, they understand it, because they have a job to do and the Chelsea Bulldogs Offensive line does it well!

They are big, strong, smart, and some of the toughest players you will find. They have an assignment and job to do and whether they’re holding back the defense to protect their quarterback or pancaking players to open up holes for their running backs, they enjoy what they do. They do not play for statistics, for accolades, for recognition. They play for the team.

“We play for each other, not for recognition. Each person has their role and there is never conflict. That’s because we’re a brotherhood,”  stated Jay Packard Senior right tackle.

There is nothing better than playing with a group of unselfish guys that don’t worry about the stats or who gets their name in the newspaper.” said Senior Center and Captain  Collin Steinhaurer.  “That’s whats great about it, you don’t need that when you have a brotherhood.”

The Chelsea offensive line has been beside each other since middle school and have really meshed together as a tight unit over the years. The players hang out together, have meals together, and each week have an  “o-line party”  hosted by a different player.

“Chelsea football itself is a tight knit family so it’s saying something when your position group is an even tighter knit group of brothers.” Nick Whitesall Junior Center proudly proclaimed. “These guys are fun to be around, and I’ll have lots of good memories with them.”

They have created memories for the team and fans as they done a great job opening holes for their backs to get through and giving their quarterback plenty of time for passing. They do not give up sacks and do a great job of getting the big push up front and have dominated some very top ranked defenses all season. They get hit but hit back and hit and block harder.

“When you put your hand on the ground you know that your four other brothers got your back,” said Chris Childress Senior Left Tackle. “We are more than friends and teammates, we are a band of brothers.”

And this band of brothers will be out there Saturday at Ford Field in the State Championship game doing their jobs. You might not hear their names, they might not get noticed, but that’s okay with them as long as they are able to do what they do best and lead the team to victory.


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