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Chelsea’s Defensive Backs Got Bite


4 of Chelsea’s safety’s celebrate their regional victory over Allen Park

When it comes to the sport of football, each position is just as vital as the next. And when it comes to a band of brothers the defensive back’s of Chelsea are just as solid as any other unit on the team. They have played together for several years. They know where each other will be on the field. They know each player has their back.

The squad is led by Seniors Defensive Captain cornerback Ryan Stasiak, safety Graham Kuras, and safety Jacob Rhodes. All 3 were selected All Conference with Junior cornerback Cam Cooper being named honorable mention. Cooper and Stasiak are two of the best shut down corners in the state according to many of the coaches and players they have come up against. They are a strong unit and can substitute in many players including Seniors Jordan Haber, Leland Allison, Parker Dye, Nathaniel Bauer, and Peter Koseck.

“We all play together cause we’ve grown up together and are tight off the field too,” stated the junior Cooper. “We don’t hesitate to call each other out if we aren’t doing our job or slacking. We all have a swagger that nobody is better than us and with that attitude we play like it too. It truly comes down to the fact that we just like to ball. We understand that when we play as a unit we can compete with anyone, anytime, anywhere. We play together as brothers and treat each other as so. No one can have a bond as we do and it brings us closer off and on the field.”

This unit has played strong this year hitting hard and forcing many turnovers. Every play, every down, they will give there all. You will not see them giving up or getting turned around on a play. And when they play Orchard Lake St. Mary’s this Saturday at 7:30 at Ford Field, they will be bringing their A game because that is all they know how to do.




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