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Grass Lake’s Chase Elkins Bowls Perfect Game



Grass Lake High School’s Chase Ryan Elkins Rolled a Perfect 300 game 


It’s not very often you can be in a crowded bowling alley and not hear a sound. But that was the scene Thursday night at the Chelsea Lanes as the Grass Lake High School Bowling Team played host to Vandercook Lake. Junior Chase Elkins stood with his ball in hand, shaking out of nervousness and excitement both, as he needed this strike to achieve a perfect game. A hush grew over the crowd as all eyes were on him taking in what could be a historic moment. As the ball left his hands and flowed down the alley Elkins and everyone just watched. As the ball hit the pins and they all fell the 16-year old and the whole place screamed in excitement and congratulations. Elkins had just bowled his first ever perfect 300 game, what every bowler dreams of doing.

Elkins couldn’t believe it as everyone was congratulating him. The young man was so excited and so were his teammates and supporters. “I can’t even explain how this feels, I’ve never been so excited in my life,” Elkins stated.  “It’s my first 300 and hopefully not my last. I’ve never even seen anyone roll a 300 before!”

Elkins highest game to this point ever was a 299 in tryouts. After he made his first 5 strikes, he had a good feeling going into the 6th frame that he could do this. But he wasn’t going to get overconfident but he just knew it felt right to him. Going into the final frame, he started to sweat and get shaky. As he took his first step towards the pins though the shakiness and nervousness wore away. “Everything stopped and it all just seemed to flow well for me,” Elkins said. “As soon as the ball left my hands I knew I had it.”

“It’s the best feeling in the world and it takes lots of practice, but it’s all worth,” an excited Elkins said. “I’m very proud of my team that we have. We are a very young team and we have great coaching and each week we are improving and I’m so proud of their achievements and improvements. I’m just so excited right now.”

Chase is the son of his very proud mother Christine Powell.


Chase focuses



2016 Grass Lake Bowling Team



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