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Large Turnout In Support Of Young Cancer Patient


Chelsea Student and Cheerleader Lindsey Atkinson Smiles Bravely At Jet’s Pizza Fundraiser

It’s always been said that the city of Chelsea takes care of Chelsea. And at the Jet’s Pizza tonight that was proven as they offered 10% of their sales to 15-year-old Lindsey Atkinson. Lindsey was diagnosed in April with Osteosarcoma, a very rare bone  cancer which affects only 20,000 people in the USA a year and is most prevalent in children and young adults. And Jet’s was packed wall to wall inside with people lined up outside waiting to get in to show their support for this amazing young lady!

The Chelsea Middle School and High School Cheer teams lined up in front of the restaurant doing cheers and holding signs in support of their fellow teammate and trying to get as many people as they could to stop in. Lindsey sat in her wheelchair in a corner of the restaurant near her family and friends with her left leg up in a cast and was greeted warmly all evening by all kinds of supporters giving her hugs and offering well wishes. Lindsey has been going through many bouts of chemotherapy and has had many drains in her leg. She was noticeably tired from the horrific ordeal she has bravely endured but she wore a big, beautiful smile all evening.

The Jet’s wait staff was kept very busy with all the food and drink orders coming in but there were no signs of any letdown as they warmly greeted everyone and although very busy, made sure everything was just perfect for the customers as always. As soon as one person got up it seemed two more would sit down. But it was all for a great cause. And it was great of Jet’s to step to the plate.

Lindsey is not out of the woods yet as she has to go in on the 20th of this month for more chemo. Although she doesn’t like it and it makes her sick and irritable she understands it has to be done and she doesn’t complain. Her eyes may appear tired but she has “vowed to never give up and will fight this ordeal and win,” she says.

“That’s my girl and I’d do and give anything to switch places with her,” Lindsey’s father Brian stated. “You hate to see any kid suffer but especially your own. it’s so hard. But we know things will work out for her.”

As well as the 10% Jets was donating they had bowls for people to deposit donations into and there were kids putting in their saved up change and others putting in much, much more. Even after the festivities ended there were still people coming in to donate.

“I am overwhelmed by the turnout,” Lindsey said as she tried not be emotional. “I can’t thank people enough for all their help. This is why I love Chelsea so much.”

Chelsea takes care of Chelsea. And tonight they took care of Lindsey Atkinson!


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