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Friday Night Lights Shine On Chelsea’s Andrew Klink



Andrew Klink leads the team on the field in a home playoff game in 2015

It’s a frigid day in Jackson at Withington Stadium, the day after one of the worst blizzards in Jackson history. The snow was so bad it postponed the state semifinal football game between Chelsea & Coldwater for a day. The night before the game the Bulldog players are inudated with taunts on social media by the Coldwater players. The bulldogs don’t respond. At the game is when the Bulldogs respond as they overewhelmed Coldwater in the snow with a huge 35-7 victory!

“We do our talking on the field,” said Chelsea offensive lineman Andrew Klink. “They kept talking so much smack to us, we just ignored them and laughed. I couldn’t wait to play them to shut them up. That was a great game and our o-line did a great job and that’s the victory that  sent us to the state championship in Detroit.”

Klink, Angie or Klinker as he is know to his teammates, stands 6′ 4″ and weighs in at a solid 240 pounds and will be anchoring the left side of the offensive line for the Bulldogs this year.

“I have played baseball my whole life but I took a break last year to stay in the weight room and focus on football,” said Klink. “Last year I realized I have potential to play at the next level but I wasn’t happy with my strength so I decided to bulk up and focus on the gridiron. I still love baseball, I love football too, it’s so great forging friendships. When those lights go on Friday night, there’s just something about it”

Klink will be protecting the blind side of Bulldogs Quarterback Jack Bush this season and hoping to “pancake” defensive lineman.

“It’s a great responsibility to protect the blind side of the QB, which makes it a greater task and I’m glad the coaches feel I’m the man for the job, it’s an honor,” Klink states. “We have great coaches on our team and they make a big difference. I remember during a practice last year, we were doing short yard run against the defense and I was in and I had been angry about the last game which was the first game of the year and I thought I was practicing great and I didn’t get any playing time. So I made it my new mission to be as aggressive as I could but still play my position. And I was doing really good and  was dominating the guys across from me and Coach Moundrous pulls me aside and he said, “Don’t you think if you gave that much effort every play and pancaked guys just like that you would play more, even start?” And that wasn’t the last time he pulled me aside after doing something good or bad. It really clicked after that for me and I took it to heart and I’ve thought about that moment everytime Ive taken the field. Just go all out every play. It meant alot that a coach who didn’t coach my position but not even an offensive coach was critiquing me, it’s hard to describe. I’ll never forget that.”

Klink has a few colleges that have shown interest and hopes to have a big season and make a name for himself so he will get more offers. After High School he plans to go to college and play football and major in nursing specializing as a nurse anesthetist.

Klink thinks the team is going to do great this year. “We lost a lot of great players on both sides of the ball but our great coaching staff will have the team ready to go this season,” said Klink. “If everyone shows up to play and gives 100% and plays their position with a lot of heart, I feel we can beat anybody. We all have put in a lot of work and I wouldn’t trade our coaching staff for any other!”

Kilnk likes to listen to music in his spare time. He would also like to learn to play the piano someday. He loves to hangout with his dad (Tim) and mom (Celeste), hang with  friends, hunt, fish, and sometimes just drive around and chill and listen to music.

“I’m really excited about this season, I think the teams going to do great and our coaches will have us ready and we can’t be thin skinned when those lights get turned on Friday night.”





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