Dozer The Pig Pigskin Picks


Hey, everybody, it’s me, Dozer the pig!  Ok, so last week after the Chelsea loss I was so upset and bothered by it I couldn’t even eat. I had no appetite whatsoever. Worst 5 minutes of my life!

I do not like to see the Bulldogs lose ever in any sport! But it happens but I still don’t like it. The worst is when they got to the state championship game in football & they got robbed! Lousy little blind ref! Call the hold you pipsqueak zebra! I’m still fuming over that. Hey, us pigs, we never forget! Especially when it’s dinner time. Which for me is all the time.

Anyway, let’s put that stinking Lincoln loss behind us and move forward. This week we hit the road and go take on the Tecumseh Indians. They are 2-1 on the year and are playing decent football. They beat Lincoln by 1. But that doesn’t mean anything. Heck John Wilkes Booth beat Lincoln by 1 once. What, too soon?

Anywho the Redskins, I mean Injuns, I mean Scalpers, I mean Indians are looking good. They are coming off an 11-7 win over Adrian. That sounds like a baseball score against the Detroit Mud Hens, I mean Tigers pitching. But after last week’s defeat, I know Head Coach Bush was not happy. So he will get his team on the right track.

I know he wasn’t happy because I called him. Here’s what he told me: “How did you get my number? Don’t ever call here again.” And as he hung up I heard him say,” How the heck does a pig use a phone anyway?” I’m sure he wasn’t annoyed I called, it was because he was busy working on a game plan and not the fact it was 3 in the morning,

Last weeks game had some bad moments in it. Missed tackles, dropped passes, division in the ranks. Everyone pointing fingers, blaming others. Look! You win as a team, you lose as a team. You go out there and do your job and you do it right, you do it well. Don’t worry about how it looks on hudl, wrap the guy up, you bring him down.  Thomas gets you the ball, it hits your hands, you catch it, don’t worry about getting hit, that’s the game. And if you got a problem with the coaches then quit! And same goes for parents, think you can outcoach them, man up and do it! Go coach somewhere. Obviously, you can tell I was mad about all the negative things being said after the game. My barnyard isn’t that far away, I hear everything!

You’re Bulldogs! Time to regroup. The season is already a third of the way done but there’s plenty of football left to play. We can still win the Conference. And go all the way. You all need to believe and achieve. Be a team. There’s no i in team unless you spell it wrong like stupid Spike the pig from Dexter would!

So I’ll be watching the game with my goat buddies Chester, Salina, and Chelsea. We have a very hi-tech entertainment system in the barn. We may be animals but we have style. Oh, no horses allowed. I can’t stand horses!

I got the Bulldogs bouncing back this week and stepping up all areas of the game and winning big. Go Bulldogs! Now I have to go, my human family just got Thompson’s pizza and I’m about to take advantage of that. I hope there’s no pork on it this time!


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