Dozer The Pig Pigskin Pick Of The Week


Hey, everybody, it’s me Dozer the pig with my pick for the week. But first, let me talk about last week. Was I not right? Did Chelsea not bounce back and kick some butt?  What a great game! That defense was amazing. Did you see Owen Nikischer? 3 picks!!!! They had to bust out the fire extinguishers because he was on fire. He did such a great job I chose him for my player of the week and made him an honorary pig. I even gave him a snout & curly tail to wear. I also offered him some breadsticks and a large pizza. But he hesitated too long so of course, I had to eat it before it went bad. I mean, it was like 30 seconds.

This week my beloved Bulldogs will host the Adrian Maples. I always felt sorry for Adrian. I mean, their name, Maples. What can you do with that? It’s a tree, how tough is that. Hard to make a mascot for that. I guess they could use the maple syrup and make things sticky. And I do like maple syrup. On my pancakes, my waffles, on french toast, my burgers, my chicken, heck even in the dirt! Wait, what was I talking about?

Oh yeah, Bulldog football! The Maples are blowing into town tomorrow. They’re 3-1 on the season, same as the Bulldogs. They’re coming off a 3 point win over Ypsi, 15-12. What, is that a baseball score? That’s a lot of runs. Their only loss came to Tecumseh by 4 points. They’re playing pretty good football right now. They have a tough defense and have only given up 44 points this season. Now the Bulldogs defense is strong too, only giving up 40 points on the season, almost half of those came in one game. So points will be hard to come by for both teams.

The Maples offense has been struggling a bit though but coming out with wins.  They’ve only been able to muster 92 points on the season but almost half of those came against Dexter. Ugh, Dexter, don’t get me started on them. The Bulldogs offense performed great last week and I’m thinking they will again this week. Old Thomas Steele is looking good.

I got the Bulldogs blowing the Maples away. They just keep getting better as the season rolls along. Gotta go, my human brother & sister, Sam & Hannah, they’re getting off their bus and I’m going to see if they have any leftovers from lunch. They better or I’m shipping them off to Dexter! Lousy Dexter!



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