Dozer The Pig’s Pigskin Pics


Hey, everybody, it’s me, Dozer the pig! Wow, what a great game last week. Way to go Bulldogs beat those Dexter boys good. It could have been much worse but we didn’t want to see their tears heh heh heh. 22 years and counting it feels so good. We watched the game in the barn. Spike, the big stupid pink pig no one likes, he’s from Dexter. So we made up a game. Every time Chelsea scored we hit Spike. Every time Dexter scored we hit Spike! Because we were angry. Even the new baby goats got into it, they understand, I raise them right. And one said her first word. Dozer! What, you think she’d say something else, I’m the king of the barnyard and everyone’s hero. Except for horses. They can’t watch the game I can’t stand horses, they’re not allowed! Stupid horses!

I’ve been basking in the 22 years in a row victory glory all week. I’ve been celebrating by eating. That’s how I celebrate. And mourn. And work. Well, that’s how I do everything.

Did you see those two picks by Doug Z? He almost had a third, but he didn’t want to show off or anything. And James Mida, he was all over the place in Dexter’s face. BIg and fast just like a black handsome pig I know heh heh heh. Good job Bulldogs!

This week the Bulldogs head to Ypsilanti to take on the Grizzlies. The Bulldogs are 5-1 and have a good shot to sew up a playoff berth and a division title. While the Grizzlies are 3-3 and one more loss puts them out of the playoffs. But don’t let the Grizzlies record fool you.

The Grizzlies have played very well and are coming off a big win over Alpena. They lost a close game to a tough Pinckney team and were edged by 3 against Adrian and only by 7 to their rivals Lincoln. Lincoln is the only team to beat Chelsea this season.

Now Ypsi plays tough at home and that old school 3 yards and a cloud of dust field is tailored for their speed. Now they have a dual-threat quarterback and he has plenty of weapons. They’re averaging about 165 yards a game on the ground. And 116 a game through the air. Look for them to run lots of option, wheel routes, and screens. On defense, they will be looking to put pressure on our quarterback Thomas Steele. They will try to throw him off his game. But he’s cool as a cucumber. I could go for a cucumber right now.  And a few pizzas and root beer to wash it all down with.

This is going to be a very tough game and the Bulldogs defense is going to have to play exceptionally well. Tackle hard, grasp and bring them down, no missed tackles, no mistakes, no excuses! I know Coach Bush will have his team ready for the task at hand, they will be focussed and know how important this is.

I got the Bulldogs winning this in a very close game. I hope I’m wrong and the Bulldogs blow them out, that would be nice. But I see the Dawgs getting this title in front of a large Chelsea road crowd. The Bulldogs travel well.

Hey, I gotta go my human family just came and have Smokehouse 52 leftovers and I’m about to knock them down and take them heh heh heh! Go Bulldogs!



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