Dozer The Pig’s Pigskin Picks


Hey, everybody, it’s me Dozer the pig! First, let me congratulate my Chelsea Bulldogs football team on clinching the SEC White title. Oh sure, it’s a “shared title” with Pinckney but you know me, I don’t like to share especially if it’s food. So congrats Bulldogs, great job.

That was a tough game last week, the weather was sloppy for football. Unless you’re a big ol’ pig like me, I love the mud. I was cheering so much for my Bulldogs. In between bites of food that is. We had a huge party here to watch the Bulldogs clinch that playoff spot, everyone came to my barnyard. Except for horses. I can’t stand horses! Oh, and Spike. He’s still upset Dexter can’t win a game, stupid Spike heh heh heh!

This week is homecoming! I love homecoming. The parade, the kids celebrating, the court all dressed up. And the food! What? I know someone will be tailgating there. And this homecoming the Bulldogs will be hosting the Ann Arbor Huron River Rats. Really? River Rats? That’s your mascot? That’s the best you can do? I can’t stand rats. They come out here and try to steal my food. Bunch of mooches! And two things you don’t mess with is my food and my Chelsea kids!

So the Rats are winless on the season and are only averaging about 6 points scored a game. It’s sad to see them struggle. I don’t like to see teams struggle. Unless it’s Dexter. 22 years and counting baby!

Now I see no reason for Chelsea to come close to losing this game but never be too overconfident. I am sure Coach Bush has his boys focused on the task at hand and they will come out playing fast and hard and have good movement up front. Those o-line & d-line, my favorites, the hogs!! Yeah, baby!

Now the weather should be pretty decent Friday, low winds and about 57 degrees at game time. Perfect football weather. But you know the weatherman, they’re never wrong. That’s sarcasm in case you didn’t know.

I’ll be home snuggled in some straw watching the game. I’m having another party. Ain’t no party like a Dozer party! I got the Bulldogs winning big time in this game. I have a feeling a lot of backups will get lots of playing time. A shutout would be nice.  But regardless I see the Bulldogs coming up big in front of the homecoming crowd and congrats in advance to the homecoming queen. Go Bulldogs!!!!


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