Dozer The Pig’s Pigskin Picks


Hey, everybody, it’s me, Chelsea’s biggest fan and most lovable pig Dozer!  What a great homecoming game last week for my Bulldogs. It was great to give all the fans a big victory and it was really great to see a lot of the backups get a lot of playing time. This will really help when the playoffs roll around and it helps show the future of Chelsea football.

So this is the last week of regular season football for the Bulldogs and their crossover game will be against the visiting Alpena Wildcats. Now they will be coming in from 4 hours away and this is the first time they’ve ever played each other so let’s everyone show them Chelsea hospitality and treat them like you would anyone else, with class and dignity. Except for Dexter, you can treat them any way you want. It’s going to look like a Michigan State-Notre Dame game with the Wildcats green and white and our navy blue and gold.

Alpena comes in with a 2-6 record but they are much better than their record will show. Now they can score. They’ve played some tough teams that have limited their points but they have a lot of size up front on their offensive line and they like to run that ball. They average about 15 points a game while giving up about 35 points a game. Chelsea should be able to win this one easily but will have to stay focused to not get overconfident.

Speaking of size up front, you know who else has a lot of size up front? Chelsea! You got a big o-line full of my beloved brother hogs like Rafe Reyes, Wes Sullivan, Jeret Hirst, and the McFate boys just to name a few. They’re out there in the trenches protecting  Thomas Steele every week, opening holes for Aaron McDaniels and the other backs. And I know they’ll do a great job this week. Wow, can you imagine the food bill if you had to feed those guys every day? It’d be almost as much as my hourly food bill. Heck, I can hear a snack cake wrapper a mile away Heh Heh Heh.

And what about that d-line? Those boys are big too. James Mida, Sam Long, Andy Xiao, Riley Watkin, Cliff Heydlauf, Jake Spruce, and all the rest. Honorary hogs all of them. They’re going to be making big stops and will have their work cut out for them. But they know this, they study that film, they’re ready.

The weather is supposed to be perfect Friday for fall football. It’s senior night so that’s always a special night. I got the Bulldogs pulling away early in this one and winning big. Hopefully, all the seniors get a chance to play in front of their friends and family and the backups get more chances to play. Go Bulldogs!


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