Dozer The Pig Pigskin Playoff Preview


Hey, everybody, it’s me Dozer the pig, Chelsea’s favorite swine! Wow, what a great game by my Bulldogs last week. Way to hammer your way into the playoffs. Nothing like hitting your peak at playoff time. The momentum is just what you need right now. I was watching the game from my high tech barn & squealing with so much delight the neighbors got mad and yelled at me. I yelled back, they’re from Dexter so you know I didn’t say anything good.  Heh heh heh. Dexter.

I’m so proud of the whole team everyone coming together and playing hard. And we get districts at home.  Man, the defense is in beast mode. Ronnie Buford, my close personal friend,  was all over the place. He couldn’t be stopped. And Owen Nikischer had 11 total tackles. Yeah, yeah, 6 tackles 5 assists. Whatever, this ain’t hockey boy, you get a hand in bringing them down that’s a tackle. And the Big O was hitting anything that wasn’t wearing blue and gold, in true Dozer style fashion.

And the offense. No turnovers, great execution. And my fellow hogs up front, that o-line is getting some push. And Tommy Steele, his legs, and arm are going to carry us far in the playoffs. As the season has gone on he’s gotten much better. He makes good decisions and is reading the defenses well. And he’s not afraid of anything and doesn’t like to lose. Well, he’s probably afraid of this big tough solid pig but I’d never hurt a Bulldog kid!

So here we go, Friday night against Milan. It’s nice that a team from Italy wants to play us. What? Ohhhhh, Milan from here. Well pronounce it right, it’s ma lahn, not my lan!   Anyway, we faced them in week 1, a big 27-7 victory on the road. They come into the playoffs at 5-4, Chelsea at 8-1. Both teams lost to Lincoln but that was Chelsea’s third game of the season and Milan’s 9th. Now they’ve got better as the season went on. But so have my Bulldogs.

The key to this game is stopping their run. Bulldogs, you get a hand on a guy, you wrap him up, bring him down. Milan is tough. They have good size up front. D-line is going to have to be quick and tough. No mistakes, no stupid penalties. I mean it! Or you’ll deal with me and that’s something you don’t want to do. Milan is averaging about 26 points a game while giving up 24 points a game. Chelsea is averaging about 24 points a game on offense while giving up an average of about 10 points a game.

So The Big Reds….wait that’s their name? What the heck kind of name is that? When I think of big red I think of gum or the soda from Texas that guy started in the late 30’s. How is that a tough name? I mean Bulldog is tough. Lion, tiger, warrior, those are tough names. Big Reds? That’s almost as bad as Dreadnaughts. Heh heh heh. Dexter!  So nobody wears red to the game Friday night! My favorite mascot name is razorback. Those are my Southern cousins. They’re  pretty mean and tough but they got nothing on me! Or my Bulldogs!

Anyhow, I see a strong defensive Chelsea team coming out ahead in this game. I think this team can go all the way. But one play, one quarter, one game at a time, one win at a time. Bulldogs, no hot dogging, mmmmmmm hot dogs. Listen to your coaches, don’t try to be fancy, you’re not playing to be on the cover of SI, you’re playing for pride, your school, your community, Chelsea! Now get out there and kick some butt and bring us home the W! Go Bulldogs.



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