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Chelsea Dominates Toronto Canada Northern 43-0


Chelsea Senior Cam Cooper celebrates his rushing touchdown

It was an absolutely perfect night for Chelsea’s first home football game of the season. The Bulldog faithful piled in and the student section and many fans were dressed in patriotic colors as Chelsea were set to take on the Toronto Northern Secondary School Red Knights from Canada. It was the first time a Canadian football team had ever played in Chelsea. There was no game film or scouting reports on the Red Knights but Head Coach Brad Bush had his team ready and prepared.

The Bulldogs kicked off and the defense shut down the Red Knights immediately. On fourth down as Northern punted hard hitting Junior Matt Weisberg plowed past his blocker and was able to block the punt. After a scramble for the loose ball, it was Chelsea that recovered and would start on offense on the Northern 21 yard line. It only took less than a minute and 3 plays for Gus Reynolds to put the ball in the end zone giving the Bulldogs the early lead. After another quick 3 and out and a great Cam Cooper punt return it was Quarterback Jack Bush taking off under pressure and making a great throw on the run, hitting Reynolds on a fade in the left side of the end zone to give the Bulldogs an early lead, 14-0 after the always reliable Chris Roush extra point kick.

After an excellent Roush kickoff and good coverage by Chelsea, Northern was backed up near their own goal line. After a few stops, it was right defensive end Travis Frazier shedding his blocker and putting pressure on the Northern quarterback and tackling him in the end zone. The ball was spotted at the 1-yard line though and Northern took the safety on fourth down instead of punting to the speedster Cooper.

“I really thought it was a safety, I had him good,” said an elated Travis Frazier. “But it’s ok, they took the safety on the next play, it’s all about the team.”

Chelsea took over with great field position again. With Chelsea lined up at the Northern 30 Bush threw a quick pass to Cooper who flew down the field and behind great blocking was able to score for the second time in the game putting the Bulldogs up 23-0. It was at this point Coach Bush started putting in some of the younger players to give them all a chance to play and gain experience.

In the second quarter, Drew Anstead took over at quarterback and completed a perfect pass to Tight End Alex Vasquez for the score, the team going 50 yards in just 3 plays. After another defensive stop, it was Reynolds picking up his second touchdown of the game  following his blockers and juking defenders to blast it in for a 27-yard score. Quarterback Bush came in to kick the extra point giving the Bulldogs a huge 37-0 lead going into the half.

In the second half, it was all Chelsea again but playing more conservative. Senior Mikal Nelson went in to finish the rest of the game at quarterback. Nelson scored late in the fourth on a 6-yard quarterback keeper, using his strength and power like he does in lacrosse.

“I used to play quarterback but then I stopped growing,” joked Nelson.

The Bulldog defense played exceptional forcing bad passes, making great tackles, and forcing turnovers. Hunter White and Braden Steele each had interceptions for Chelsea. Travis Frazier had an excellent game for Chelsea finishing with 5 tackles and 3 sacks in limited duty. James Mida finished with 2 tackles and a sack. The defense limited Northern to just 3 total yards of offense on 32 plays.

Bush finished perfect for the night completing all 6 of his passes for 86 yards and 2 touchdowns. Reynolds led all Bulldog rushers with 54 yards on 6 carries and 2 scores, while Junior Aiden Chisolm-Blockton finished with 23 yards on 3 carries. Cooper led all receivers with 46 yards on 2 receptions.

Chelsea plays host to their rival Dexter next Friday. Kickoff is 7 p.m.

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Chelsea Senior Receivers Look To Make Big Impact


Chelsea Football has been known over the years for producing many great student athletes. Many have gone on to play football in colleges and some have even played in the NFL. Chelsea has graduated many great football players over the years including many receivers. And this year’s big 3 receivers of the Senior class are trying to keep the historical streak going.With wide receivers Bryce Jubenville, Chris Roush, and tight end Alex Vasquez the Bulldogs bring great size, skill, speed, and strength as well as field awareness, and hands.

Jubenville, who has not played football since his freshman year, has been making spectacular catches in practices and scrimmages.

“After not being on the field for 2 years, it definitely took some time to get back on track,” said Jubenville. “It feels great to be out there playing with my brothers and I’m glad I decided to come back out for my senior year. I’m pumped for this year. Like I said, I can’t wait to get back out there and be under the Friday night lights. While the team did lose some talent, I feel we have enough to make up for it and I think this year we can go far. Just can’t believe our Senior year is already here, but I am determined to work hard and make memories with these guys that we’ll take with us afterward.”

Bryce brings lots of speed and height to the receiver position and he has been running good routes and is not afraid to take a hit for the team if needed. Bryce also plays on the varsity basketball team and excels off the field in academics as well.

“After attending a medical program this summer, my prior interest in medicine has grown, even more, explained Jubenville when asked about his future after High School. “It was an awesome experience and opened my eyes to many different opportunities within the field. My future plans consist of studying pre-med and narrowing down what exactly I want to do in the medical field. I’m definitely excited to see what the future brings.”

Chris Roush, an all-state track athlete,and varsity basketball player, brings his skills to the team in many different ways. He was the Bulldogs kicker for much of the 2015 season including kicking in the state championship game where he kicked a successful onside kick. This year he will be like a swiss army knife doing many different things.

“They have me kicking this year, playing wide receiver, free safety, and back up punter,” Roush explained. “I think my kicks will bring a lot to my team by winning field position and pinning opposing teams in their own end of the field.”

Roush feels he brings a lot to the team. Since kicking off last year in his Junior season he has been working hard and has gotten bigger and stronger. He really likes playing the free safety position also this season as he explains,”My strength is playing the ball in the air and defending the pass.”

Chris has been playing football his whole life and has played organized school football with the same core group of guys since 7th grade. His favorite football memory is in his junior varsity season when he jumped up and made a highlight reel one-handed interception.

“I loved that moment because everyone was coming up to me and was hyping me up and congratulating me,” Roush reminisces. “It made me realize that I love my teammates just as much as I love the game. I think it’s a moment I’ll always remember.”

Alex Vasquez brings his own set of skills to the game. Like many great Chelsea tight ends befoe him, Vasquez is big and strong. But with his size comes speed and great hands. And he also has big blocking ability.

Vasquez is a 3 sport star, playing on the varsity basketball and baseball teams. He has been playing football for 6 years now and loves it. He still smiles when he fondly remembers the Division 3 State Championship game in 2015.

“My favorite football memory is definitely having the opportunity to do something that no Chelsea team has done before and that is to play at Ford Field last year in the state championship game,” Vasquez proudly stated. “We have a great group of players and excellent coaching staff and I think we will make some rumbles in our conference this year.”

Vasquez plans to attend college next year and play baseball or football. As of now, he is undecided and waiting for college offers to come in.

3 great young men, 1 common goal, to help Chelsea Football win!

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Chelsea Footballs “Shake & Bake” Duo

IMG_2543 (2)

Chelsea Football’s Cash Shegan And Kyle Bell

Some friendships are crafted over time and some just happen on the spot naturally. And Chelsea Seniors Cash Shegan and Kyle Bell’s friendship has been since the day they met. They have become best friends over the years. They hang out together, ride horses in rodeo together, and are 2 starters side by side on the defensive line for the Chelsea Bulldog football team. They have been dubbed with the nickname “shake and bake” since the 8th grade.

Bell plays defensive end while Shegan lines up at tackle and together they are a force to be reckoned with. Shegan got an almost unheard of amount of playing time for a junior last year. But he feels he earned it.

“I show up at every practice and give my all,” Shegan said. “When I’m on that field I want to be the meanest man possible and hit opponents and stop them in their tracks for our team.”

Shegan has worked out quite a bit over the summer and comes into the 2016 season bigger, stronger, and faster. And it’s not just lifting weights that make him that way. He lives with his parents Mike and Joanne Shegan on a horse farm in Chelsea where he is often working with 2,000 pound rolls of hay! He cares for the horses and is a farrier.  He also has his own rodeo and is a champion team roper, calf roper, and steer wrestler. So he knows a thing or two about bringing down big, fast beast.

“I love the rodeo. It’s fun and competitive,” Shegan stated.  “I’ve been doing it for years and I guess it just runs in my bloodline since my mom and dad have been involved with it most of their lives also.”

Shegan, who has been playing football for 12 years, is looking forward to the 2016 season. After graduating many great defensive players from last years state championship runner-up team, Shegan knows it’s his time to shine and step up.

“Going to the state championship was great,” Shegan said. “It was a whole new experience. It was awesome to just run across that field knowing we made it that far. It was an honor for our team because we earned it fair and square with hard work and dedication. I think this year we have a new level of intensity to our team and the team got a taste of what it’s like to go that far and we want to get there again. And win!”

Bell is the other half of shake and bake. Although he didn’t play as much as he wanted to last year he never let it get him down and continued to practice hard and get stronger. And he’s really looking forward to the 2016 season.

“It was great to be at the state championship game,” Bell said. “Our team played hard and we fought our way to get there. It wasn’t easy. And I’m hoping we can get back there this year. We have a lot of younger guys but it’s up to us seniors to step up and help them the best we can. We’re a team.”

Bell spends most of his summer and weekends when he’s not doing football, working doing construction with his dad Rick Wisbon. And his mother Sandy Wisbon is his biggest fan and supporter. The Shegans & Wisbons are all great friends and you can definitely hear them cheering at every Chelsea football game as loud as they can, screaming 1….2….3….HIT SOMEBODY!

Bell, who plans to go to college after high school and be an electrician, has been playing football for “As long as he can remember.” His dad Rick used to coach him when he was younger. Bell enjoys working on cars, hunting, fishing, riding his quad, his jet ski, and hanging out with his friends when he does have any free time. He also enjoys playing with his dogs Chubz, who many call the original Chelsea Bulldog, and Luna.

“I have a great feeling about this season,” Bell predicted. “I think the team is going to do great. We have to all know our roles and our jobs and help each other out. And I need to step up and be a good leader to the younger guys, show them why we were state finalist last year.”

The Bulldogs will be kicking off their 2016 season with a tough game in Detroit at Wayne State University, Saturday, August 27th at noon against a very good River Rouge team, who were state runners-up in their division last season.


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Chelsea’s Lawrence Buckley Looking To Lock Down Opponents


Lawrence Buckley warms up in the State Championship game

It’s the state championship game at Ford Field and Chelsea’s Lawrence Buckley is dressed for the game but is cheering for his teammates  while he stands on the sidelines. Buckley, or Buck as he is known to his friends, is still not 100% to play after suffering a major injury at the beginning of the season. He had ruptured a tendon in one of his fingers severely before the season started and needed surgery and was done for the season. But although he suffered the injury he didn’t quit. And he didn’t give up.

“Last year at Ford Field was a great experience but I won’t lie, it was hard to feel a part of the team,”Buckley remembers. “But the guys on the team, they really put it in my head to get serious and become a leader. Jake Rhodes, Graham Kuras, Jordan Haber, Ryan Stasiak, and Bailey Edwards helped me to feel apart of the team when I was out so that’s why I stuck around and went to every practice. They made me feel real good about everything even though I was greatly disappointed I couldn’t help the team out.”

This season is different, though. Buckley is healed and has been looking great in practices and scrimmages. He brings his all-state track speed to his position of cornerback along with heart, great awareness, and hard hitting. He, along with Cam Cooper, look to make up on of the strongest cornerback combos around.

“Coach Moundrous has been working my legs and has helped me to get bigger and Coach Smith talked to me once and told me that I had a lot of potential this season but I have to get more serious about things,” Buckley said. “Every time it got hard in the weight room I would think of the conversation we had and after that I would attack whatever exercise I was doing, because I knew it would get me better than I was yesterday, so I knew I had to keep grinding and keep faith and hope that God will do his glory to help be succeed.”

And so far he has succeeded. He has made several heads up plays in pre-season and has intercepted several passes. He is locking down his opponents and along with Cooper, forcing opposing teams to make bad throws and plays. He has taken to being  a mentor helping younger players know their plays and what they should be doing and helping them out in a positive way.

“I think the team will do great this year,” Buckley states. “We have lots of young talent (Thomas Steele, Gus Reynolds, Patrick Bertoni, and more) and veterans that are willing to do whatever it takes for the team to succeed.”

Buckley has always been pushed in a positive direction by others also. Dan and Marijane Nelson have been very big positive influences in his life and his mother Rhonda Gibson has always supported him in many ways influencing him and encouraging him, as well as his sister Lanika.

“I’d be lost without my mom and the Nelson family,” Buckley stated. “They mean the world to me and I can’t say enough good things about them. I thank God every day they are all in my life.”

Buckley plans to major ln social work and minor in criminal justice after high school. He went to the state championships in track in 2016 for 3 events and he hopes to run track in college. In his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with his  friends and enjoys going to “FCA”, fellowship of Christian athletes.

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Friday Night Lights Shine On Chelsea’s Andrew Klink



Andrew Klink leads the team on the field in a home playoff game in 2015

It’s a frigid day in Jackson at Withington Stadium, the day after one of the worst blizzards in Jackson history. The snow was so bad it postponed the state semifinal football game between Chelsea & Coldwater for a day. The night before the game the Bulldog players are inudated with taunts on social media by the Coldwater players. The bulldogs don’t respond. At the game is when the Bulldogs respond as they overewhelmed Coldwater in the snow with a huge 35-7 victory!

“We do our talking on the field,” said Chelsea offensive lineman Andrew Klink. “They kept talking so much smack to us, we just ignored them and laughed. I couldn’t wait to play them to shut them up. That was a great game and our o-line did a great job and that’s the victory that  sent us to the state championship in Detroit.”

Klink, Angie or Klinker as he is know to his teammates, stands 6′ 4″ and weighs in at a solid 240 pounds and will be anchoring the left side of the offensive line for the Bulldogs this year.

“I have played baseball my whole life but I took a break last year to stay in the weight room and focus on football,” said Klink. “Last year I realized I have potential to play at the next level but I wasn’t happy with my strength so I decided to bulk up and focus on the gridiron. I still love baseball, I love football too, it’s so great forging friendships. When those lights go on Friday night, there’s just something about it”

Klink will be protecting the blind side of Bulldogs Quarterback Jack Bush this season and hoping to “pancake” defensive lineman.

“It’s a great responsibility to protect the blind side of the QB, which makes it a greater task and I’m glad the coaches feel I’m the man for the job, it’s an honor,” Klink states. “We have great coaches on our team and they make a big difference. I remember during a practice last year, we were doing short yard run against the defense and I was in and I had been angry about the last game which was the first game of the year and I thought I was practicing great and I didn’t get any playing time. So I made it my new mission to be as aggressive as I could but still play my position. And I was doing really good and  was dominating the guys across from me and Coach Moundrous pulls me aside and he said, “Don’t you think if you gave that much effort every play and pancaked guys just like that you would play more, even start?” And that wasn’t the last time he pulled me aside after doing something good or bad. It really clicked after that for me and I took it to heart and I’ve thought about that moment everytime Ive taken the field. Just go all out every play. It meant alot that a coach who didn’t coach my position but not even an offensive coach was critiquing me, it’s hard to describe. I’ll never forget that.”

Klink has a few colleges that have shown interest and hopes to have a big season and make a name for himself so he will get more offers. After High School he plans to go to college and play football and major in nursing specializing as a nurse anesthetist.

Klink thinks the team is going to do great this year. “We lost a lot of great players on both sides of the ball but our great coaching staff will have the team ready to go this season,” said Klink. “If everyone shows up to play and gives 100% and plays their position with a lot of heart, I feel we can beat anybody. We all have put in a lot of work and I wouldn’t trade our coaching staff for any other!”

Kilnk likes to listen to music in his spare time. He would also like to learn to play the piano someday. He loves to hangout with his dad (Tim) and mom (Celeste), hang with  friends, hunt, fish, and sometimes just drive around and chill and listen to music.

“I’m really excited about this season, I think the teams going to do great and our coaches will have us ready and we can’t be thin skinned when those lights get turned on Friday night.”




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Chelsea’s Bailey Edwards Commits to CMU


Edwards returns a kick against Coldwater in the playoffs

Chelsea football senior wide receiver/return specialist Bailey Edwards has announced via twitter that he has officially committed to continue his football career at Central Michigan University (CMU).

“Blessed to as ounce that I am officially committed to Central Michigan University ” he tweeted yesterday. Edwards skills were a big part of Chelsea’s run to the State Championship this past season. The 6′ 2″ Edwards weighs in at 180 and runs a 4.48 in the 40 yard run, runs 4.44 in the shuttle, and has a vertical leap of 32.5 inches. He was ranked as the 31st best receiver in the state of Michigan and 187th in the nation. Edwards had 12 college teams express interest in him and had 7 offers. Many thought he would attend Minnesota where his older brother Berkley plays at Running Back. His oldest brother Braylon starred for University of Michigan and  in the NFL at receiver.

Edwards led the Bulldogs in receiving yards and receiving touchdowns in 2015.  He also excels at track. He will be enrolled for the fall of 2016 at CMU.