Dozer The Pig On Tonight’s Chelsea Rivalry Game


Hey, everybody, it’s me, Dozer the pig. I have to sound off once more about the big game tonight. I’m so excited. I got the live feed hooked up and I and all the barnyard buddies will be watching it. Even the baby goats. I’m training them to love Chelsea. I even have taught them to beat up Spike because he likes Dexter. I love being a good mentor. Spike is so stupid. Nobody likes you, ya pink piece of crap!

I’ve ordered lots of food. I got like chicken wings coming, about 15 pizzas, and lots of breadsticks. I love breadsticks. Not sure what everyone else will eat. And my food is free. Know why? The Jets delivery driver freaks out and drops it all when sees a talking pig heh heh heh.

I actually went to the JV game last night. I snuck in and sat on the Dexter side so I’d blend in. Oh and those pig droppings, those could be anyone, after all, I was on the Dexter sidelines. I was getting so mad at those people, talking smack, being stupid, trying to play referee. They were being mean and I don’t like people being mean to my little BUlldog buddies. I had to resist headbutting them. This is why I don’t like Dexter.

What a great game though. The Bulldogs kicked butt. Griffin Murphy looks great back there for a freshman quarterback playing against 25-year-olds. What? It’s Dexter, 25 and still in High School! And Riley Sumner, that kid is something else, he’s going places that one. And when he does he won’t forget his old pal, Dozer. Yup, he’ll be sending lots of food and autographed pictures. That I can sell on eBay and buy more food.

And that Bulldog defense. They came up big. John Krauss got that fumble at the end, Alex Lewis, was locking down their best receiver. Mason Pustay is big and strong and has pig potential and that’s a good thing. Great job by everyone.

And don’t forget the coaches. Did you know they have a play named after me? Yes, it’s true, I’m a legend! The coach shouts DOZER and all the big boys go in. That’s me 350 pounds of solid muscle. And the crowd shouts Dozer.  I’m not gonna lie, I was so jacked up I was ready to hit the field and split that dreadnut d line! Instead, I took out a few of their bigger fans. They’re probably still under the bleachers where I left them. Hey, it was a good clean hit heh heh heh.

So I’m hoping for a big victory for my beloved Bulldogs tonight. Don’t lower yourselves to their level, tune out the fans and the negativity, you play your game, you listen to your coaches, you tackle hard Dozer style, no missed tackles, no stupid penalties. Get out there and win big for yourselves, your community, your friends and family, your school, for Chelsea. For Dozer! Go Bulldogs!!!!!



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Chelsea Field Hockey’s Payton Doan Makes Top Players To Watch List In Nation

Payton Doan

National field hockey news source MAX Field Hockey announced that Chelsea Field Hockey’s Payton Doan is among the top 25 players to watch in the West/Mid-West Region for the 2017 High School season, as well as a top 150 “2019” Player to Watch in the nation.
Doan, a goalkeeper from Chelsea High School and two Midfield players from Huron High School in Ann Arbor represented Michigan in the top 25.  Doan was one of only three goalkeepers to be selected. The West/Mid-West Region encompasses California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wisconsin.

“Payton is a skilled goalkeeper and was awarded a 2016 regional award and also earned First Team Division 1 in Michigan in 2015 and 2016,” says Chelsea Field Hockey Head Coach Leslie Fry. “In addition to her goalkeeper skills, she has been a team leader, both on and off the field since her freshman year.”

The National Field Hockey Coaches Association awarded Doan the 2016 Midwest Region Team award to which Fry refers. Doan was a key element on Chelsea Field Hockey’s 2015 Division 1 Championship team that also earned State Championship Runner-Up. She starred in goal for her team getting 15 wins and 11 shutouts as a freshman in only her third year of playing competitive field hockey.

Since 2014, Doan has also been competing with  Pinnacle Field Hockey, an Ann Arbor-based club team. She has also been instrumental in the club achieving a top 20 U16 national ranking by the USA Field Hockey Association.

“Payton’s positivity and encouragement have allowed her teammates to work toward achieving their full potential on the field,” adds Chelsea Field Hockey Varsity Coach Casey Fry.

Doan not only excels on the field but off as she has a 3.96-grade point average (out of a possible 4.0) and will be applying for National Honor Society in the Spring. She also not only captains her field hockey team, she is Student Council Junior Class President at her school, plays JV Tennis, does Link crew, and is in Key Club.

“To be named to the Players to Watch List really puts my field hockey career in perspective,” the young goalkeeper stated happily. “My name is on that list because of all of my incredibly talented club and high school coaches and teammates, and the entire field hockey community who love the sport enough to inspire others to be the best they can be. My coaches and teammates, both high school and club, continuously support, push, and grow my love for the game, so it is to them that I owe the thanks for my name on those lists.”
For more information on Chelsea Field Hockey, go to


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Dozer The Pig On Chelsea-Dexter Rivalry Week


Hey, everybody, it’s me, Dozer the pig! Are you as jacked up as I am for the game Friday? It’s Chelsea/Dexter rivalry week and I’m excited. I love my Bulldogs and this game means a lot to me and Chelsea community.

But first, let’s go back to the victory over Adrian last week. Wasn’t that the homely chick’s name in the Rocky movies? You know where he screams her name? I’d scream too, ugh, scary!  Anyway, yeah, that Chelsea defense kicked butt! And my honorary pig brother Owen Nikischer! 2 more picks, that’s 5 in 2 games! Open the windows people because he’s smoking! Braden Steele played good too, he hit a guy so hard, that kid has Braden’s #3 imprinted on his chest!

Now Dexter, yuck, is and 0-5 on the season. Huh huh huh!  I love it! Meanwhile, Chelsea is 4-1 on the season and has one of the toughest schedules in the Southeast Conference. They beat two top-tier teams, Milan and Pinckney, giving them their only losses. Speaking of Pinckney the Pirates hornswoggled Dexter last week  56-21. Rumor has it Dexter scored 21 points then Pinckney showed up for the game!

Throw everything out the window, stats and all, because the rivalry is strong between these teams. Now Chelsea has won 21 games in a row which means the last time Dexter won a newborn then can now buy beer legally. That was a 16-5 loss back in 95. The last century. Now since 1950 Chelsea has a .791 record against the dread nuts. They have played each other more than they have any other team since then. So the odds look pretty good for Chelsea.

Let’s not forget the fact Dexter has given up 246 points in 5 games. Wait really?  That’s just over 49 points a game. Wow! Chelsea has give up only 50 all season!  Hey for a pig I’m pretty good at math. You know who taught me my numbers? Jake Nelson. That little dude is amazing, he’s so smart! And the best referee ever! Heh, luv that kid!

Now the game is at Dexter this year. Good thing pigs aren’t allowed or I’d be there. Cheering for my bulldogs and stuffing myself with food. Not their food, I’d bring my own, I don’t trust them! The weather Friday is supposed to be  cloudy in the evening with a 20% chance of rain. The field is turf so the speed should be in the Bulldogs favor. I expect a strong running game and plenty of stops on defense.

I hope no one forgets what they did to our field last year? Remember? The graffiti? You know it was them, it had spelling errors! And it made me so mad! I still beat up Spike over it. He thinks Dexter will win 1-0. What the heck Spike, you’re so dumb!  So Bulldogs get out on that field, get tough, get mean, show them how we roll in Chelsea! I expect a big win, a good win,

I gotta go the Jets delivery driver is here with my 20 pizzas. Not sure what the rest of the family will eat. Go Bulldogs!


Chelsea Defeats Adrian 23-10



Braden Steele stops Adrian on  a critical third down


On the first day of an unseasonable like Autumn, the temperatures in the state were setting records for highs. At kickoff, it was 85 degrees on the field as The Chelsea Bulldogs hosted the Adrian Maples. And the field wasn’t the only thing hot as the Bulldogs defense turned up the heat to give Chelsea a 23-10 victory.

Both teams came into the game with 3-1 records with 1 conference loss each. The Maples struck first as they took the ball down the field in a methodical way mixing up plays between pass and run and using almost the whole first quarter hoping to confuse a very strong Bulldogs defense. But on third down and short Bulldog defensive back Braden Steele shed his defender’s block and brought down the Maple quarterback for a loss stalling the play. Lincoln had to settle for a field goal and took a 3-0 lead.

The Bulldogs moved the ball 64 yards on their opening drive and answered right back with a 24 yard Cullen Lindsay field goal. After both teams forced each other to swap punts it was the Bulldogs Owen Nikischer making a big interception to snuff Adrian’s drive. That gave Chelsea great field position which they took quick advantage of as sophomore Kyle Knight ran around the left side of his line from 6 yards out for a Bulldog score Knights first varsity touchdown in his first varsity game.

“I felt the nerves kicking in at gametime, “Knight said. “It’s a whole other level up here, faster and stronger. But I feel I handled it well and was happy to be a part of it and help the team.”

“We brought Kyle up to give us some extra speed on the perimeter,” Chelsea Head Coach Brad Bush said of the young running back, who normally plays quarterback on the junior varsity team. Knight got the word Thursday that he would be called up to varsity.   “I think he played well,” Bush went on to say.

After a great Quinten Beck punt pinned them deep in their own territory,  Adrian was able to move the ball downfield. But in a fourth down situation, the Bulldog defense was able to hold the Maples to no gain forcing them to turn the ball over.

It didn’t long for the Bulldogs to find the end zone as they were able to move the ball 55 yards in only 3 plays, finished off with a big 25 yard run by Jacob Grubbs down the right sideline for the score, giving the Bulldogs a big 17-3 lead at the half.

After the half, both teams swapped punts when late in the third quarter Adrian’s Antwan Ficklen eluded all defenders and jolted down the field for what appeared to be an Adrian score but a very flagrant and unnecessary block in the back penalty nullified the score and took much of the momentum away from the Maples.

As they were driving down the field again threatening it was middle linebacker Owen Nikischer jumping in front of the ball for his second interception of the game and 5th in the last 2 games, giving the Bulldogs back the ball and the momentum once again.

“It’s crazy, never would have been able to dream of this,” Nikischer said about his league-leading 5 interceptions.  “Just mentally there, where I’m more aware than last year.”

The pick would lead to the Bulldogs being able to put the icing on the cake with an Aron McDaniels touchdown. The point after by Lindsay was deflected. Adrian would add a score late in the game on an 8-yard touchdown run by Eddie DeForest.  The ensuing onside kick attempt by the Maples was recovered by the Bulldogs who just ran the ball to kill the clock giving them the victory.

Nikischer not only had his 2 picks but also led the Bulldogs solid defense with 7 tackles, 1 sack, 2 tackles for loss, and another pass broken up. Braden Steele had 6 tackles, 1 sack, and 2 tackles for loss. Gus Reynolds had the other interception for the Bulldogs.

On the offensive side of the ball quarterback Thomas Steele was near perfect as he went 12 for 15 for 166 yards. Grubbs was the leader on the ground with 60 yards on only 5 carries while Hunter Neff led the receivers with 4 catches for 54 yards.

The Bulldogs travel next week to take on their rival Dexter. Dexter is looking for their first victory of the season as they fell to 0-5 on the season after a 56-21 loss to Pinckney.


Dozer The Pig Pigskin Pick Of The Week


Hey, everybody, it’s me Dozer the pig with my pick for the week. But first, let me talk about last week. Was I not right? Did Chelsea not bounce back and kick some butt?  What a great game! That defense was amazing. Did you see Owen Nikischer? 3 picks!!!! They had to bust out the fire extinguishers because he was on fire. He did such a great job I chose him for my player of the week and made him an honorary pig. I even gave him a snout & curly tail to wear. I also offered him some breadsticks and a large pizza. But he hesitated too long so of course, I had to eat it before it went bad. I mean, it was like 30 seconds.

This week my beloved Bulldogs will host the Adrian Maples. I always felt sorry for Adrian. I mean, their name, Maples. What can you do with that? It’s a tree, how tough is that. Hard to make a mascot for that. I guess they could use the maple syrup and make things sticky. And I do like maple syrup. On my pancakes, my waffles, on french toast, my burgers, my chicken, heck even in the dirt! Wait, what was I talking about?

Oh yeah, Bulldog football! The Maples are blowing into town tomorrow. They’re 3-1 on the season, same as the Bulldogs. They’re coming off a 3 point win over Ypsi, 15-12. What, is that a baseball score? That’s a lot of runs. Their only loss came to Tecumseh by 4 points. They’re playing pretty good football right now. They have a tough defense and have only given up 44 points this season. Now the Bulldogs defense is strong too, only giving up 40 points on the season, almost half of those came in one game. So points will be hard to come by for both teams.

The Maples offense has been struggling a bit though but coming out with wins.  They’ve only been able to muster 92 points on the season but almost half of those came against Dexter. Ugh, Dexter, don’t get me started on them. The Bulldogs offense performed great last week and I’m thinking they will again this week. Old Thomas Steele is looking good.

I got the Bulldogs blowing the Maples away. They just keep getting better as the season rolls along. Gotta go, my human brother & sister, Sam & Hannah, they’re getting off their bus and I’m going to see if they have any leftovers from lunch. They better or I’m shipping them off to Dexter! Lousy Dexter!


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Chelsea’s Owen Nikischer Leader Of The Pack


Senior Middle Linebacker Owen Nikischer leads his team on the field for its first home game of 2017

The first thing you notice about Chelsea’s senior middle linebacker Owen Nikischer is how much he bulked up over the summer from last season. It is very apparent that he takes his role as a defensive leader very seriously and puts in a lot of hard work as he added much muscle to his already solid 6-foot 2-inch frame.

“I worked out a lot by myself over the summer,” Owen stated. “Sometimes I work out alone, sometimes I bring others along, but I like to always improve myself and help others improve themselves if I can.”

Owen or the “Big O” as many call him has one of the most important defensive jobs on his side of the ball in football. He has to back up the linemen and also use quick judgment on every snap to determine his role on that play. The middle linebacker is usually called the “quarterback of the defense” because they shout plays into other players and has much responsibility as a defensive “jack of all trades”. And they have to be a leader and be vocal. And that’s Owen to a tee.

“I’ve been playing tackle football since the 3rd grade,” Owen explains. “And I’ve been at middle linebacker since 5th grade. I feel like I am mentally there more than anything else and I need to know all the plays and everyone’s responsibilities. I love playing my position and I love football so much!”

His passion for football shows as it seems he is in on almost every play.  He’s very vocal and quick to help another player and when mistakes are made he’s there to help correct his teammate in a very positive way.

“I honestly love being the leader of the defense,” Owen said. “It’s a good feeling helping other players and knowing they look up to you.”

Owen, who earned starting time as a Junior last season,  is coming off perhaps his most memorable game ever as he was able to read the quarterbacks eyes and defenses against Tecumseh last Friday and had 3 interceptions in the game along with several tackles.

“That was amazing for me,” Owen proudly stated. “It was something the defense has struggled with, getting turnovers this season. But what matters most is that we were able to come back after a tough loss (to Lincoln) and get the win and the defense shut them (Tecumseh) down.”

Owen, one of the Bulldogs top leaders in tackles,  will be playing basketball this year also. In the fall he works at the Dexter Cider Mill. He plans to go to college after he graduates whether it’s to play football or not. His passion is sports but he knows a higher education is good for him. And although his senior football season is 4 games in he knows there is a lot of football left to play and that’s where his focus is right now.

“We are a good team, “Owen stated. “I feel really good about this team and think we have a great shot at going far.”

Owen is the son of Craig and Sue Nikisher and has two brothers, Ryan and Zach.



Chelsea Defense Shuts Down Tecumseh 24-0



Chelsea’s Owen Nikischer had 3 interceptions for the Bulldogs+

The Chelsea Bulldogs bounced back in style from a tough loss last week as they blanked the Tecumseh Indians 24-0 on a very warm night. The Bulldogs seemed to be clicking on all cylinders as the offense came alive and a defense that gave up 19 points the previous game, gave up no points and forced six turnovers.

After going 3 and out on their first drive the Bulldogs were able to get the ball back after senior middle linebacker Owen Nikischer made an interception. 5 plays and a minute later it was Bulldog quarterback Thomas Steele busting into the end zone for the score. Both teams battled back and forth with their tough defenses but the Bulldogs were able to put together a 10 play drive midway through the second quarter with Steele again bursting into the end zone from 6 yards out to put the Bulldogs up 14-0.

With the Indians driving near the end of the second quarter, it was Nikischer getting his second pick of the night and stalling the Indians drive and sending the Bulldogs into the half up 14-0.

After the half, the Indians received the kick but at the 10-minute mark of their first post half drive, it was Nikischer again getting his third pick of the night to give Chelsea great field position which led to another score, a 25-yard pass from Steele to Aaron McDaniels.

“Getting those interceptions, that just felt amazing!” Nikischer stated excitedly. “It’s something the defense has been struggling with, getting turnovers and being able to get those 3 really changed our intensity.”

After a Cullen Lindsay field goal to put the Bulldogs up by 24, they were able to hold on and keep the Indians off the board and get their third victory of the season, and their second on the road.  The Bulldogs were led by Thomas Steele with 56 yards rushing while Jack Smith got 48 for the Bulldogs on only 6 carries. Aaron McDaniels had 47 yards on 12 carries.

The Bulldogs stingy defense, which held the Indians to just only 192 yards total offense, was led by Blake Engler with 11 total tackles and Andy Xiao with 7. The defense also forced 3 fumbles.

“I’m so happy we were able to come back after last weeks loss and get the win,” said Nikischer. “We were able to come back and answer.”

Chelsea will head home next Friday the 22nd to host Adrian Maples. Kickoff is 7 p.m.